Why build a brand with a purpose?

In this new era, consumers are focusing not only on acquiring a product or service, but rather, that the brand they buy from is in line with their beliefs and values, with what they believe in, that connects with your feelings. That is, consumers seek added value, focusing on the

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How to find your brand’s voice and tone?

In this era where consumers demand that brands be more and more human, where they seek, beyond simply buying a product, to create a close relationship with the brands they consume, it is essential that you take the time to define the way in which that you are going to

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Why do businesses must bet on sustainability?

Today, we are facing a revolution, not only in consumer habits, but also in investment and business management. It is undeniable that more and more consumers, investors and managers or business leaders are betting that the brands with which they are related create both economic, social and environmental value, that

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Dayketing, a strategy to grow your sales!

As a brand, it is very likely that you have specific dates marked on your calendar throughout the year in which you know there is a massive increase in consumption, and that you want to take advantage of to connect more with your customer and of course, increase your sales.

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What is the best digital platform for your business?

If you have a business, but you still do not have a presence on any digital platform, you are wasting the great opportunity they offer you to position yourself, connect and attract your ideal client. But, before you go and create a profile in each one, we advise you to

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