What is the best digital platform for your business?

If you have a business, but you still do not have a presence on any digital platform, you are wasting the great opportunity they offer you to position yourself, connect and attract your ideal client. But, before you go and create a profile in each one, we advise you to take into account some important points:

  1. 1. Know your customer well, the one to whom you are going to direct all your marketing and communications campaigns (what they like, what they consume, where and how they consume it).
  2. 2. Define what your goals are (what you want to achieve).
  3. 3. Define how are you going to share your content.
  4. 4. Research the characteristics of each digital platform or social network and choose the one that best suits your brand and your client.
  5. 5. Develop your marketing content strategy (taking into account all the above points).

Now, to help you with the task a bit, we share some features, functions, advantages that some platforms (the ones we consider most important at this time) have to offer you:

Google: it is the most used search engine in the world and if you are looking to use advertising to grow your business, we present Google Ads, which as they are described, allows you to gain visibility with customers when they search for businesses like yours through Google Search and Maps. Interestingly, you only pay for the results you get, such as clicks to your website or calls made to your business. With Google Ads you can: generate more visits to your website and business and receive more calls from your customers.

Facebook: It is currently the most popular social network in the world, with more than 2.6 billion loyal users. One of its main advantages is that it allows you to create a community and generate closer and more dynamic relationships with your customers. Also, through the Facebook Business Manager (Facebook Business Manager) you can create, optimize and measure your advertising campaigns with very specific segmentations, which allows your company to more easily reach a large part of your target audience.

Instagram: it is a constantly growing social network. According to data shared on the Instagram Business page, the platform has more than 100 million active accounts, of which 90% follow a company profile. It is perfect for creating deep relationships with your clients connecting them with the things they are passionate about, captivating them with images and dynamic video formats that envelop them and take them to action, as well as inviting you to explore and connect with new clients, collaborators or strengthen relationships with your current customers through your content. Instagram is a good platform to give your brand a more human and organic touch.

Twitter: is currently one of the most popular social networks and communication platforms in the world, present on five continents and used by millions of users around the planet and provides a very pleasant feeling of closeness with other users. Through it you can reach more people, stay up-to-date on topics of your interest or current affairs, resolve doubts and complaints from your consumers, announce offers of your products or services (this is increasing substantially, an interesting hack: Twitter users spend 26% more time with ads than any other social network).

LinkedIn: is the largest professional social network in the world oriented to companies, businesses and employment. It is present in more than 200 countries and has 4 million companies with professional pages on the platform. LinkedIn can help you: search / show talents, find clients and / or suppliers, investors, partners, partners, disseminate content, generate leads, manage your reputation, visibility, promote products or services, customer service, among many others.

Spotify: if your content is audio, this platform is for you. Spotify is a digital streaming music, podcast and video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from artists around the world. It has 157 million active users who spend an average of 25 hours a month listening to music on the platform and more than 2 billion playlists. It is found in more than 165 countries and has a 42% share of the global Streaming Music market.

Pinterest: 64% of its users describe it as a platform to find ideas and trustworthy brands. This platform bases its content on “pins” of images, videos, text and / or links that serve to promote a product or service, inspire, create awareness, hook and traffic for your brand.

Youtube: it is more than a simple social network to watch music videos. YouTube has become a platform to attract consumers through visual content, which can be presented in various formats: vlogs, tutorials, experience videos, educational, commercial, unboxing, news, among others. This platform will allow you to: attract a large number of potential clients with high purchasing power, greater brand visibility and SEO positioning, increase traffic to your website, improve the reach of your content.

Waze: don’t underestimate its value. It is a platform that allows you to connect with nearby drivers and convert their travelers into customers through advertisements. It is for you if you want to: raise your profile, increase awareness of your location, drive traffic to your store, premises or business. Waze has a very loyal and highly engaged audience of 110 million drivers worldwide, and users spend an average of 11 hours per month on the app. One thing that makes Waze ads relevant is: the critical metering and targeting ability to directly engage with on-the-go drivers and turn their location into a destination.

Snapchat: it is one of the ideal platforms if your target audience is Millennials. You can share content in photos or videos, which you can “beautify” or make more dynamic thanks to the integration of augmented reality technology, filters and stickers, through direct messages, or in your company profile. The main characteristic of this platform is the ephemerality of the content, the user has the possibility of programming the time in which their “snaps” will disappear. Being present on this platform will give it a fresh, jovial, avant-garde and close to your company air. Challenge yourself to get closer to your users in a creative and dynamic way.

Tiktok: it is a platform that has grown greatly in recent days, its success is due to the ease for users to create funny or humorous videos that get viral quickly. It has more than 500 million users whose ages are between 16 and 24 years old. If you have a unique, authentic brand and you would like to show it as it is, Tiktok is for you.